North Model United Nations 2020

World Health Organization


Formed in 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) is the UN body in charge of maintaining international public health standards. Since its inauguration, the WHO has aimed to bring awareness to pressing health issues and end the plight of diseases around the world by helping to fund and lead medical research. Furthermore, the WHO creates an annual World Health Report, which outlines the state of world health as we know it.

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NorthMUN’s WHO committee is one that is open to all registrants, from the seasoned MUN veterans to the first-time delegates.

Genetic Modification and Human Experimentation

This year’s topic for the World Health Organization will focus on the debate concerning the genetic modification of humans as well as it’s a superficial & social impact. With the recent rise of technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9 and TALEN, the situation regarding genome editing has become a major part of the global debate on the dangers of rising technologies in our ever-changing world.

These gene-modifying tools have the potential capability to erase hereditary diseases and increase the presence of traits such as advanced muscular composition. However, this technology also opens the door to an unpredictable world of bio-hacking and public safety issues. In early 2018, the first-ever documented case of CRISPR-Cas9 modification on humans was conducted in China, albeit to the outcry of scientists throughout the world. Critics worldwide claim that this technology is unstable and should be regulated due to its immoral business opportunities, while others support it’s development & application. As of today, there has been little long-term scientific evidence that proves or disproves CRISPR’s viability and reliability on human beings.

Our debate this year will be focusing on regulations concerning the international safety and ethics of development related to genetic modification and human experimentation.


David He | Director

As a sophomore student from Burnaby, David is an aspiring leader that is dedicated to working with global issues, political affairs and international relations. David’s passion has led him to lead the Young Humanitarians Foundation. David’s experience ranges from a TEDx speaker to his work with the United Nations Association in Canada (Vancouver) as well as many other organizations. Today, David looks forward to lead the WHO committee in the inaugural NorthMUN conference and ensure delegates enjoy a rewarding & educational experience.


Callen Basilio | Chair

Callen is in his senior year at Sullivan Heights Secondary School. Through debate from grade 9 to 11 and Model United Nations from grade 11 onwards, he became captivated by public speaking, global issues, and politics. Within the future years to come, Callen aspires to lead a successful life by entering the world of architecture, business, and politics. When he procrastinates from school work, he enjoys urban/hip hop dancing, designing models of modern architecture and investing his time studying the stock market. As chair for the World Health Organization at NorthMUN 2019, Callen looks forward to the heated debates that will soon transpire!


Clo Wang | Assistant Director

Clo is a grade 12 student who is currently enrolled in the glorious battle of IB diploma at New Westminster Secondary School. She was introduced to MUN in her grade 10 year and since then has engaged in many official and mock conferences. Apart from MUN, she is a balanced individual who sings opera, plays trumpet in jazz bands, plays badminton, and volunteers or leads clubs at school.


Michelle Fung | Assistant Director

Michelle Fung is a senior currently studying in the infamous IB programme at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary, and she is delighted to serve as one of your co-assistant-directors for WHO at NorthMUN 2019. Michelle was introduced to Model UN in grade 11, and since then has participated in multiple conferences, drawn in by the exciting debate regarding global issues. Outside of MUN, Michelle can be found at a bubble tea cafe stressing over school, baking banana bread or driving around Vancouver to find new dessert places. Michelle looks forward to a day of fruitful debate and hopes the delegates will have a memorable experience.