North Model United Nations 2020

The Secretariat Team

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Andrew Huang

Andrew is a grade 12 IB student at New Westminster Secondary. As a delegate, Andrew’s Model UN journey began not too long ago. Since attending his first conference in 2018, he has been captivated by this fascinating scene of debate and diplomacy. When not complaining about workload or taking a nap, Andrew can be found designing in Photoshop, dominating in League of Legends or playing badminton. While the first-ever iteration of NorthMUN will also be one of Andrew’s final events in his high-school Model UN career, he is beyond honoured to serve as it’s Secretary-General and is doing his best to ensure Burnaby’s premier conference will be an incredible one.

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Mikael Borres
Deputy Secretary-General

Mikael is a Sophomore at Burnaby North Secondary School and is excited to serve as the Deputy Secretary-General of NorthMUN 2019. The exhilarating discussions, heated debates, and adrenaline-filled atmospheres of MUN conferences ignited his interest and passion in politics. Since embarking upon his Model United Nations endeavours, Mikael has treasured the friendships and moments that they’ve shared that made each conference so unique and memorable. He hopes NorthMUN will bring the same experience to all delegates—from brand-new delegates to well-seasoned veterans. Mikael is ecstatic to meeting everyone, and promises NorthMUN 2019 to be a fun and enriching experience!

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Sam Li

Sam is a senior at Burnaby North Secondary School and is beyond thrilled to serve as the Director General for the first iteration of NorthMUN. Since joining MUN in Grade 9, Sam has treasured the public speaking skills that he developed and the friendships that he fostered through weekends of sleep-deprived MUN conferences. Outside of MUN, you can find him skiing and snowboarding with his friends, and trying out cuisines from all around the world. Sam looks forward to making NorthMUN an unforgettable conference for everyone.

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Dina Zeng
Chief of Staff

Currently enrolled in the IB Diploma Programme at Semiahmoo Secondary School, Dina Zeng is excited to serve as your Chief of Staff for the first iteration of NorthMUN. Ever since joining MUN in her first year of high school, Dina has transformed from a shy, nervous grade 8 to an outspoken and confident grade 11. MUN has always served as an outlet for Dina, allowing her to actively develop her public speaking skills and rant about the current global issue. Dina believes that MUN is a truly valuable experience and welcomes all delegates— beginner or veteran—to NorthMUN 2019!

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Roy Han
USG of Conference

Roy is currently a grade 12 student attending Burnaby North Secondary and is honoured to serve as the USG of Conference for NorthMUN 2019. Ever since attending his first conference in Grade 10, Roy has been able to develop lifelong memories and friendships in Model UN. Roy also developed a passion for keeping up with current events around the world, news and politics. Alongside Model UN, Roy is an actor, kickboxing trainer at 9Round, rugby coach and is also a business case comp coach. Roy hopes NorthMUN 2019 will be filled with educational and fun experiences coupled with a deeper understanding of world issues, politics and current events.

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Joseph Lim
USG of Delegate Affairs

Joseph is currently a sophomore at Pacific Academy and is ecstatic to serve as the USG of Delegate Affairs for NorthMUN 2019. Ever since his first conference in grade 9, Joseph has been captivated by what MUN has to offer and has continued to attend MUN conferences to this day. In his spare time, you can find him practicing piano, playing volleyball, binge-watching Netflix and K-Dramas, cooking or volunteering. Joseph looks forward to meeting all the delegates on April 6th!

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Marketing and media Team

Ethan Lui | Director of Marketing
Sunnie Sun | Director of Photography