North Model United Nations 2020

The Secretariat Team


Shamus Li

Shamus is a grade 12 IB student at Semiahmoo Secondary. He joined the world of Model UN in his grade 10 year, a little later than most, but has managed to develop a deep love for it nevertheless. NorthMUN 2020 has developed into a passion project for Shamus, a personal goal to bring the diplomacy of the United Nations more people around the world. As NorthMUN’s Secretary-General, Shamus strives to promote friendly cooperation between nations in this simulation and being a centre of learning about the major global organization that brings an aspect of order to an otherwise international anarchy. The United Nations allows all members to enact change as they see fit. Outside of empowering today’s youth for change, Shamus is an avid photographer/filmmaker, a musician, as well as an aspiring scholar. He is honoured to welcome you this phenomenal experience.

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Jessica Yao

Jessica is a grade 12 IB student at Semiahmoo Secondary. She is beyond thrilled to serve as the Director-General of NorthMUN 2020. In the short two years that she has been in the MUN community, Jessica has fallen in love with the intense and stimulating debate. MUN brought the complicated and intimidating world of politics to life; it became more than just nameless politicians dressed in suits on TV. MUN provided a platform for her to connect with other talented individuals, to explore global issues and to challenge her problem-solving skills.  She believes that MUN offers an opportunity for students to take the initiative and prepare themselves to combat and future problems that may arise. Outside of Model UN, Jessica can be found cuddling cats, sitting down with a good book, and accidentally memorizing musicals. She look forward to welcoming everyone to NorthMUN this March!

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Byron Edwardson
Chief of Staff

Byron is ecstatic to serve as the Chief of Staff for NorthMUN 2020. This is his second year being involved with the conference because of the potential he saw within its first iteration, and he hopes to craft an outstanding delegate experience that will stay with all for the foreseeable future. He has always enjoyed the lively debates and diplomacy which Model United Nations has to offer, but has grown particularly fond of the connections and memories that have now become one of the cornerstones of his high school career. Outside the multitude of MUN projects he currently balances, you will find him in the gym or studying widely in the area of metaphysics. Aside from that, he is an avid reader, and enjoys listening to podcasts to stay informed.

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Kathy Wu
USG of Delegate Affairs

As a junior attending Burnaby South Secondary School, Kathy is beyond elated to be serving as the USG of Delegate Affairs at this iteration of NorthMUN. This conference holds a special place in her heart as her first experience staffing was for NorthMUN. Now, she hopes to make this experience just as special for other delegates. In the little free time she has, she spends reading about contemporary ethical dilemmas, drinking bubble tea by the gallon, and petting her cat. Kathy wishes the best of luck to all delegates attending NorthMUN and hopes that you will leave this conference with fond memories, remarkable growth as an individual and as a delegate, and a newfound passion for Model UN.

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Armon Kaboly
USG of Logistics

Armon, a sleep-deprived senior hailing from Handsworth Secondary School, is exuberant to be serving as your USG of Logistics for NorthMUN 2020. Armon originally began his MUN career in Grade 9 with St. Georges school. Since then, Armon has become addicted to the passionate, fast-paced world of MUN and has attended almost a dozen conferences. Armon will candidly cherish the friends, enemies, experiences, and skills he has gained from MUN eternally. Outside of MUN, Armon enjoys debate, writing poetry, reading the works of humanity's greatest philosophers, and shamefully savoring oriental artwork. Armon is truly grateful to be a part of this new chapter for NorthMUN and looks forward to a conference brimming with vigor and diplomacy.

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Tianna Lawton
USG of Outreach

Tianna is a Grade 11 student at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver, BC. Her first ever conference was just last November. From her first time standing up to make a speech in the World Health Organization committee, Tianna was thrilled by the debate, negotiation, and inspired delegates within the world of Model United Nations. From that moment on, she found herself constantly looking for new conferences to attend, writing position papers, and meeting other like-minded students from across the lower mainland. Outside of researching current world events or completing homework, Tianna can be found arguing with her peers about philosophical theories or political systems. Otherwise, she will be in the theatre rehearsing lines for the next school production. Model UN holds a special importance in Tianna’s life, as it has allowed her the opportunity to not just debate with other students on political issues, but attempt to find solutions to them as well. For this reason, she is beyond honoured to serve as the USG of outreach at NorthMUN 2020.

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Matthew Leung
USG of Committees

A junior at St. George’s School, Matthew is beyond ecstatic to serve as the USG of Committees in the second iteration of North Model United Nations. Captivated with deep passion in Model United Nations, Matthew had participated and staffed in various hotel and day conferences throughout these two years, experiencing many types of committees. As the USG of Committees, Matthew hopes to offer all delegates an attainable and fitting choice of committees, ensuring that every committee will be entertaining and enjoyable. Outside of Model UN, Matthew is also an avid musician, playing clarinet and saxophone in various orchestras. Matthew also expresses interest in attempting a new hobby, listening to music and essentially, being a sleep-deprived adolescent. Matthew sincerely hopes that all delegates at NorthMUN 2020 have a phenomenal experience of debate and meeting new friends.

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Rita Zhan
USG of Marketing & Media

Rita is a Grade 11 currently attending Burnaby North Secondary School. She attended her first MUN conference at the end of Grade 9 and thoroughly enjoyed the eye-opening experience - she was introduced to a whole new world of public-speaking and debate. Soon after, she began deliberately searching for more challenging leadership opportunities and is now the President of several in-school clubs. Through this rollercoaster of a journey, she has gone from an introverted and quiet high-schooler to an outgoing and energetic individual. Outside of her academics, you can find her dancing in the dance studio, working out at the gym, or going on a photoshoot and editing on her own. Rita hopes to makes NorthMUN a fun and engaging experience for all delegates as an opportunity to explore the political aspect of debate, regardless of their experience in the world of MUN.

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Photography and Videography Team

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