North Model United Nations 2020

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Position Paper Policy



What is a Position Paper?

A position paper is a brief overview of your delegation’s stance on the topic being discussed by their committee. Though there is no mandated formatting a position paper must follow, they generally follow a patterned style. This includes:

  • The name of your committee, country and topic, as well as your own name at the top of your position paper.

  • A brief and unbiased summary of the topic, relating any areas of concerns regarding the issue to your own country’s interests.

  • A description of the positions your delegation holds on the issues within the agenda, relevant actions that your delegation has taken/is taking, and potential solutions that your delegation would be inclined to support.

The position paper should not exceed two pages, and should be combined into a single document. For NorthMUN 2020, position papers are highly recommended for delegates in all committees, and required should a delegate wish to be considered for an award.

On the day of the conference, delegates will receive their position papers printed and reviewed by the committee director, noting areas of excellence and areas in need of improvement.


Position papers should at least:

  • Include the name of the delegate, his/her position, and the committee name

  • Be in a standard font (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri) with a 12-point font size and 1-inch (2.54cm) document margins

  • Not include illustrations, diagrams, decorations, national symbols, watermarks, or page borders

Include citations and a bibliography in any format, giving due credit to the sources used in research. This does need to be included in the 2-page limit

Due Dates and Submission Procedure

We will have two submissions dates for position papers, one at midnight on February 28th, 2020, and one at midnight on March 5th, 2020. The first date is the cutoff for delegates who wish to receive position paper feedback and to be considered for the Best Position Paper award. The second date must be met to be considered for our other committee awards (Best Delegate; Outstanding Delegate; Honourable Mention; Best New Delegate). Once again, delegates MUST submit a position paper regardless of their committee to be eligible for awards consideration. If a delegate wishes to request an extension they must notify the committee staff at least 2 days prior to the due date for which they initially planned to meet.

Once your position paper is complete, please save the file as “[last name]-[first name]”. The subject heading of your email should be “[committee name]-[country name]—Position Paper”. Please do not add any other attachments to the email or write anything else in the body. Your position papers should be sent as a single PDF document file. Position papers submitted in any other format will not be accepted. Should your position paper be found plagiarized from any other source, your eligibility to receive an award will be revoked.



Position Paper Example


Awards Policy



What are awards?

Like any respectable conference, NorthMUN prides itself in being primarily an educational experience. The platform which we have built provides students with the opportunity to find their voice, to seek improvement and build upon their existing diplomatic skills in order to realize their full potential as global citizens. We value delegates’ ability to discuss, debate and most importantly lead with confidence. The purpose of our awards is to honour those who have shown exceptionality in these fields, to reward them for going above and beyond their roles as individuals while displaying the essential qualities of a diplomat.

In addition to the traditional awards of Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate and Honourable Mention, NorthMUN will also be providing Best Position Paper and Best New Delegate awards (withheld for the HCC & UNSC). The selected candidates for these awards will be decided by your committee dais based on delegate performance during committee sessions. There exists no numerical rubric for awards as delegates are evaluated based on their overall performance quality. Some of these distinguishable factors include:

  • Quality of research (reflected in both position papers and debate)

  • Quality of resolutions, ideas and amendments

  • Diplomatic skills and decorum

  • Accuracy in the portrayal of national profiles and maintenance of foreign policy

  • Level of leadership and cooperation displayed in gaining consensus support

  • Coherency and persuasive ability in speech, debate and discussion

  • Effective and rapid problem solving and critical thinking (during crisis scenarios)

The preeminent delegate will demonstrate a balance between the values of their representative assignment as well as the collective interest of the committee body.

In order to be eligible for awards consideration, delegates must submit a position paper to their committee email before the deadline expires. If the position paper is found to be plagiarized and/or unrelated to the topic/committee, the delegate will be disqualified from winning an award without further notice.

FDT SPONsored Awards

As NorthMUN’s founding sponsor, Frankie Cena and the team at Fostering Debate Talent are presenting delegates with the chance to win one of eight $500 scholarship awards to FDT Academy. These scholarships will be offered to the six best delegates of each committee and will allow delegates to attend ten group-lessons for free, choosing between an assortment of debate, speech and model UN classes. Among the six scholarship winners, the one who shows the most promise and hard-work will be chosen by FDT Academy to continue their tutelage for FREE in the upcoming 2020/2021 school year.

These scholarship awards were conceived with the idea of providing an opportunity to further develop the skills and abilities of promising and talented students who may not have had the chance to otherwise. With this being said, the essence of the $500 prize is not to serve as a mark of accomplishment, but rather as a vessel to greater opportunities. While current FDT students are still eligible to win, our hope is that you appreciate the intention behind this grant and put the hearts of your fellow delegates in mind.